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How to suppress contact or domain directly from the inbox

You don't need to go to the suppression list to do suppress a contact or a domain. You can now do this while you're checking your campaign inbox.

Written by DoreenLast update 2 years ago

While you're scanning your campaign inbox and decide to suppress a contact or the whole domain of the prospect, you don't need to go to the suppression list to add a contact/domain in the Do Not Contact list. You just have to click on the message in the inbox, look for the ellipsis (3 dots) on the upper right of the pop-up message window.

The dropdown will reveal 3 more commands. If you want to suppress just the current contact, choose Suppress Contact, but if you want to never send a message to any contact from this domain, you can choose Suppress Domain.

A smaller pop-up window will appear to confirm your action. Once you press Yes, Suppress Contact, the contact will automatically be added to your suppression list.

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