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How to turn on Email Warm-up feature?

Wavo has an email warm-up feature that you can use to set a daily limit for your newly added email account for 60 days.

Written by DoreenLast update 3 years ago

Once a new email account is added, it is highly recommended to turn on the Email Warm Up feature to track your progress. You are given a set of daily limits with warmup time intervals. It will help your email go on a step by step warm-up stage for 60 days, giving the account daily limits so as not to prematurely throttle your email with lots of sending activity, thus avoiding a one-way ticket to the Spam or Junk folder.

You can turn this on by clicking on the Email Accounts tab then click the Settings button beside the email address you want to edit.

Tick the On/Off box for Email Warm-Up under Sending Configuration. Don't forget to Save Changes.

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