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How to remove a Campaign Email Account

These are the steps on how to remove a campaign email account

Written by DoreenLast update 3 years ago

If you are planning to remove a campaign email account, you have to make sure that this account is not associated with any campaign.

Search for the specific email account you want to delete by going in the Email Accounts tab. Here you will see how many campaigns are associated with the account. It has to be 0 campaigns before you can remove it.

If there are campaigns connected with the account, kindly detach it first. To detach an account from a specific campaign, choose the campaign from the Campaign list. If the campaign is still running, pause it first. On the Campaign Detail screen, click the Select Email Accounts.

Untick the email account from the list and click Select. This will detach the email account from the campaign.

Once the email account is already detached from all the campaigns, you can now proceed to remove it.


Go back to the Email Accounts tab, choose the account that you want to delete. Click on the Settings button on the right side.

You will be prompted to the Edit Email Account screen, all you have to do is scroll down a bit to see the red Remove Email Account button.

If you click it you will then be prompted to this screen. If you are sure to remove the account, just click the red Yes, Delete button. Click Cancel if otherwise.

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