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How to add an email alias to an email account

Follow these steps to correctly add an email alias to your Gmail email account.

Written by DoreenLast update 3 years ago

If you are using a Gmail account to send emails in a campaign, a good workaround would be to add an alias email to do the heavy work. Aside from not having to set up another full-fledged account, the alias is just a circumvention so you can have multiple email addresses without using multiple Gsuite seats. You can also give your client an email account at their main domain, then add an alias address to their main address and use that for the campaign.

To add an alias, make sure the primary email account is detached from any running or unarchived campaign.

To detach an account from a specific campaign, choose the campaign from the Campaign list. If the campaign is still running, pause it first. On the Campaign Detail screen, click the Select Email Accounts.

Untick the email account from the list and click Select. This will detach the email account from the campaign.

Once the email account is already detached from all the campaigns, you can now proceed to adding an email alias.

To add an alias:
> Go to the Email Accounts tab

> Choose the email account then click the Settings button beside it
> In the Edit Email Account screen, tick the box below the Email Alias section

> Add the Alias Email Address in the box provided
> Save Changes

TIP: Once the alias is added, try turning on the Email Warm Up feature to make sure that you don't throttle the new alias too fast. 🙂 

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