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How to add contacts to a campaign

There are 2 ways to add contacts to a campaign: individually and by bulk. Follow the steps below to successfully upload contacts to your campaign.

Written by DoreenLast update 2 years ago

Here are the 2 ways on how to add contacts to a campaign:


From the campaign details screen, go to the CONTACTS tab, and click on the Add Single Contact.

You will see this screen, and you need to fill out the necessary details especially the email address. Don't forget to click Add.

If you see the `The email has already been taken` error this means you have a running campaign that has the same contact as what you are trying to add, in short, this is already considered a duplicate.


If you have a long list of contacts to add, use the bulk upload option. From the campaign details screen, go to the Contacts tab then click the Upload CSV.

In the next prompted screen, click Browse and search for the csv file of your contacts, and hit Upload CSV.

Properly match the imported data with the corresponding merge fields. If you don't see your merge field, you can always add a new one by clicking the Add New Merge Field button. Remember that if you don't map the columns with a merge field tag then it will not be included in the upload. 


The 2 boxes below are important. The first box Overwrite and update contacts already in the database this means if you tick this and you have uploaded the same contact/s in the same campaign, this will erase the previous details of the contact and overwrite it with the new one. If you don't tick the box then the system will not include the duplicate contact/s.

The second box Import contacts that are in other "Complete" or "Archived" campaigns means if you tick it, it will import the contact/s that are previously used in other campaigns that are already Completed or Archived. This is very handy if you want to do a rerun of your previous campaigns. If you don't tick the box then the system will not include the said contact/s.

When you're done, click Import.

On the next screen, you will see how many contacts were successfully added, duplicates, or broken contacts.

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