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How to add Freeze Periods to your email account

You can add freeze periods to your email account by following these steps.

Written by DoreenLast update 3 years ago

Sending campaign emails over a long weekend will just get you tons of auto-replies, to avoid these, you can add a freeze period in your account. 

Go to the Email Accounts tab, choose the campaign email account you want to add a freeze period, then click the Settings button

You are prompted to the Edit Email Account screen, you just have to scroll down a little bit to find the Freeze Periods section, click the green Add Freeze Period button.

A small pop-up window will appear, here you can add the date range for your freeze period and make sure you set the timezone the same as what you use in your campaigns. When done, click Add Freeze Period.

It will then automatically pause the email account from sending during the freeze period. Sending will resume the day after the end of your frozen date range.

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