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How to check on the number of emails sent per day

There are two ways on how to check how many emails were already sent for the day, follow these steps.

Written by DoreenLast update 2 years ago

In your dashboard, look for the Email Activity section. Here you will see the total emails that were sent for the day from all your running campaigns. You can choose from the dropdown if you want the graph to be more specific to a team/client. Furthermore, you can also choose to see the total sent per day for a specific campaign, just choose the campaign's name from the dropdown.

The blue line on the graph is for the sent emails, the green line is for the number of replies, the yellow is for the auto-replies, and the red is for the unsubscribe. You can also hover your pointer over the dots on the graph to show the exact numbers.

You can also choose to see the individual email activity per campaign if you go to the Campaign list, click on the bar graph icon on the far right of the campaign you want to check.

You will be routed to the Campaign Stats page, then go to the Activities tab. You will see the same line graph but this time it is only for the specific campaign where you are in. 

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