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How to troubleshoot if my Gmail / G Suite / Google Workspace account won't connect to Wavo

Try these fixes if you are having trouble adding your Gmail / G Suite / Google Workspace account to Wavo.

Written by DoreenLast update 2 years ago

If you encounter an error in adding your Gmail / G Suite / Google Workspace account to Wavo, try these quick fixes:

  • Use an incognito window when adding a Gmail / G Suite / Google Workspace account, to make sure that you are allowing Less Secure Apps and Unlock Captcha to the specific account you are trying to add.

  • You also have to make sure that the Google Workspace Admin allowed Less Secure Apps. Sign in using an admin account to your Google Admin console. Click Security > Less secure apps. Choose Allow users to manage their access to less secure apps then Save.

  • Check if you have enabled 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) in your account, if yes, it would be best to turn it off, but if you can't afford to turn it off, you can just create an App Password. Just follow this guide here.

  • It may be needless to say, but make sure your password is 100% correct (It may happen to the best of us sometimes 😅). Using an incognito window would definitely lessen the chances of wrong passwords since you have to relog-in.

  • If none of these works, please feel free to send us a message so we can help you solve it. 🙂 

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